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Excelling In MUET Essay Writing: Best Practices

MUET stands for Malaysian University English Test, an examination used to measure the English language proficiency of students. Every pupil who applies for tertiary education has to attempt and pass this test with flying colours. MUET essay writing involves the evaluation of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. While you may be good at one or two skills, your goal should include improvisation.

This examination consists of three stages: Language proficiency, general paper, and subject knowledge exam. Language proficiency evaluates students’ mastery of English through writing tasks like essays, letters, and summarization. Thus, this blog aims to share best practices to ace essay writing.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Best Practices To Ace Malaysian University English Test

Read to discover the correct format and tips for effectively writing a MUET essay.

The Correct Format To Write Malaysian University English Test

Composing a MUET essay is a daunting challenge, requiring a proper academic writing format. Many students start writing without learning the ropes and, thus, score low. Several candidates are either unfamiliar with or experience trouble in the execution of the correct format. So, if you are one of them, we have you covered. Besides, even after studying the below information, you still cannot comprehend it, so seek help from essay writing services. Doing this will increase your chances of securing admission to your desired institute.


The introduction is the opening paragraph of your paper, which introduces the topic to your readers. The key to an excellent introduction is to use attention-grabbing sentences, questions, definitions, et cetera. Ensure the first line, or the hook sentence, is highly catchy to keep the reader engaged. This part must contain a thesis statement discussing the paper’s central idea. Avoid using words like ‘research’ or ‘study’ as you are not writing a research document. Moreover, prevent the phrase ‘can be defined as’ but rather use ‘in my point of view, I believe that, et cetera.’


Once you have written the introduction, move on to the central body part. It should ideally contain three paragraphs that start by stating the main idea. The topic sentence should reflect the thesis statement and discuss it further with supporting details and pictures. Back up your topic sentence with enough examples, explanations, and facts. Don’t forget to use linking and transitional words at the end of every para to develop connectivity. Moreover, conclude every subsection in a way that lets the readers know about the ending. Restating the hypothesis and using words such as hence, thus, therefore, and as a result will also help.


Here comes the last part of the writing, where you conclude everything you discussed. This paragraph should only contain four to five sentences in which you provide suggestions and opinions and reaffirm your stance. Plus, you have to restate the thesis statement once again. Using words such as to conclude, in conclusion, finally, eventually, and lastly will also offer a formal tone to the paper.

4 Tricks To Increase Your MUET Essay Score

Carefully putting the above guidelines will help you achieve a good score, but here are four effective tricks to boost them further. We have gathered these tips from experts offering assignment help Malaysia.

Start By Reading Aloud

Always start the process by first pouring all your attention into the question. Comprehending it will decrease the odds of committing blunders and help brainstorm ideas. Once you have blur ideas about what you want to write, start composing your rough draft. Here the goal is to transform all your thoughts into words so you do not need to stress over the mistakes. After completing your first draft, eliminate all the errors and polish the document. Asking a friend or study mate to review feedback will also benefit you.

If Muddling Over The Selection Of Topic, Glance At Past Questions

If you muddle over the selection of topics, glance at the past MUET questions. Create a list of selected questions and nail down the compilation until you develop your title. While narrowing down your search, think of the ideas and points you can write about each one. It will help you to choose the most suitable topic for yourself. After that, dig deeper into relevant content to gather solid evidence and statistics. Arrange your thoughts coherently in the form of five paragraphs. Pay attention to grammatical errors, misspellings, omissions, and vocabulary. Try to include different types of sentences in your writing to add diversity.

Here Are The Things You Must Stay Away From

Prefer active voice over passive voice as it offers a solid message to your writing. Moreover, the passive one also sounds very unclear. Utilize specific and concrete words rather than general and indistinct ones. Furthermore, words such as this and that are blurry and don’t add anything significant to sentences. For example, ‘Justin likes that food,’ you see, ‘that’ doesn’t indicate what he likes. Instead, mention ‘He likes pasta’. It conveys a specific and solid message to readers. Hence, make use of strong verbs over weak ones. If your essay doesn’t deliver an understandable and coherent message, seeking help from professionals will also be handy.

Pore Other’s Essay And Take Inspiration

One of the effective ways to enhance your composition skill is to pore over the essays of other individuals. When you carefully analyze and compare their paper with yours, you discover ways to improve your writing. Hence, closely observe how they carry out their argument and back it up with facts and evidence. Also, notice their style and tone impacts the overall paper. You can also take the help of a professional essayist. In this case, buying their services gives you the finest document. Attentively examining it and noting tips will inspire you to approach your assignment better.

The Bottom Line

That’s a wrap on how to excel in MUET essay writing, friends! We described the best practices by laying down the correct format and then shared four tricks to help you score high. The key to passing this test is to practice, practice, and practice the above guidance. The more you keep writing, the better your skills improve, and you secure admission to your desired university.

Best wishes

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