Reasons To choose Malaysian Universities

7 Reasons To Choose Malaysian Universities For Higher Education

A welcoming and captivating nation named Malaysia is Situated in Southeast Asia between Singapore and Thailand. It is one of the most popular destinations in the world for its diversity, culture, natural beauty, and innovation. Moreover, do you know Malaysia is famous for offering international students a wholesome academic experience? You read right! It is the 11th most prominent destination for higher education around the globe, according to UNESCO’s figures.

It is a well-recognized nation for higher education because of the several benefits students can enjoy while studying there. Affordable cost of living, diverse cuisine and culture, weather, and ease of travelling are some advantages. Hence, we reached out to some foreign undergraduates working on their degrees at Universiti Teknologi Petronas.

With their assistance, we’ve collected a list of reasons why you should choose Malaysian universities for higher education. Let’s take a look at them individually!

7 Reasons To Choose Malaysian Universities For Higher Education

  1. Economical Tuition Fees

The first reason to choose Malaysian universities for higher education is their economic tuition fees. Despite studying among diverse groups of individuals and immense programs, education expenditure is affordable. Plus, several institutes are affiliated with the UK and US top universities. So, you can study in this Southeast Asian nation while obtaining certificates from British and American institutes. Isn’t it amazing?

The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) strictly monitors the quality of education in the academic system. It ensures that the quality of learning will be up to mark whether you study at a private school or the government. Besides the tuition fees being budget-friendly, university assignment help offered by online assistance providers is also easy on students’ pockets. They can effortlessly find homework-helping services that ease their academic lives and make them more manageable.

  • Diverseness Of Cuisine

As the immense range of cultures and nationalities inhabiting, the residents get various cuisines such as Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Middle Easter, Western and Korean. Their most popular and delicious dishes include Beef rending, Assam laksa, Curry laksa, Fried rice, Hainanese chicken rice, Banana leaf rice, and Bak kut teh. So, if you’re a foodie who is always passionate about tasting new meals, Malaysia is the best spot to go!

  • Low-Cost Living Expenditure

Often, international students fail to enjoy their academic lives due to expensive living costs. They constantly juggle their part-time jobs and studies, leaving no room for entertainment and exploration—their dreams of living their best academic life in foreign shatters away. However, thankfully this isn’t the case, claims the foreign learners studying at Universiti Teknologi Petronas.

The living expenditure is affordable, allowing space to get entertained and rejuvenated. You can enjoy a delicious meal at under $4 and get access to condominiums at cheaper rates. Plus, trains, buses, and taxis are also easily accessible and cost-effective. In conclusion, you can bear all expenses for accommodation, meals, transportation, utilities, and other miscellaneous costs within $300. Moreover, assignment help in Malaysia is also low-priced.

  • Tropical Climate

The pupils who hail from frosty regions don’t get to experience pleasant sunny days often. Hence, if you’re one of them and sick of the cold temperature as it hinders your daily activities, you should move to Malaya because they have almost the same weather all 365 days. The tropical climate of Malaysia allows the sun to shine bright.

It will enable pupils to travel and carry out their academic and other activities all day long without any weather hindrances. Besides, the rainfall also efficiently lowers the intensity of warmth and high temperature, keeping the land green. Generally speaking, the average temperature throughout the year is 28°C, while the chilliest weather is lower up to 27°C.

  • Accessible In Exploring The Best Tourist Spots

Malaya is located in the mid of the tourist hub. Some of the best Asian holiday destinations include Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia, which touch the border of this Asian country. Enthusiastic wanderers from around the globe visit the places of interest in these countries. We’re sure you want it, , if your budget and schedule allows it. Hence, you can see these spots during your semester breaks and holidays after taking three hours of flights.

Apart from Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia, Malaysia is a picturesque and top tourist destination. So, you can explore the places of interest in the countryside and metropolitan areas whenever you get the chance. The pristine blue waters and eye-alluring natural beauty make Malaya a paradise for the beaches.

Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty with your naked eyes of Gunung Gading National Park, Manukan Island, Kek Lok Si Temple, Batu Caves, and North Borneo Railway if you choose this country for higher studies.

  • Communication Fluency

Language is no barrier in Malaya, as the English literacy rate is quite impressive. Most Malaysians can speak English well with tourists and international pupils. In addition, the British language is also a part of their course, so even if your vocabulary as a foreigner isn’t impressive, you can enhance it while studying there.

On top of that, if you’re eager to learn new languages, you can efficiently work on that by communicating with the locals. The inhabitants of Kuala Lumpur and other cities are friendly and supportive, just as the assignment helper Malaysia based services are. You can always knock on their door whenever you need assistance, and they’ll happily be there.

  • Safest And Peaceful Environment

Considering the statistics of the Global Peace Index 2020, Malaya secures the 20th position when it comes to the safest country in the world. Plus, it is also ranked 5th in terms of the most securest region in Asia. The crime rate in Malaysia is comparatively low. Moreover, the politics and government are also stable, making their environment a peaceful place to reside.

The Ending

Hence, this was it for the day! We dropped the seven reasons you should choose Malaysian universities for higher education. Hopefully, this list was adequate to convince you successfully. As sharing is caring, send this post to any of your acquaintances who is in the process of selecting a destination for further studies. Moreover, if you know any additional reason to study over there, let us know by commenting.

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